Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Kindergarten Enrollment

Please contact the building principal to tour the building.
Phone: 248-655-4949.
Contact Central Enrollment Secretary
Jill LaPine
Phone: 248-655-4417

Parental Responsibilities

If your child requires any prescription medication we need a form filled out by the doctor.  Forms are available in the office.  

If your child has an ongoing condition, the doctor can  prescribe medication to be administered "as needed" and then we won't need to call you to come in and give them medicine.  Again, a form will need to be filled out by parent and doctor.

If your child has severe allergies to bee stings please make sure we have medication to handle any emergency.  

 If your child needs over the counter medication, for a short period of time, you may fill out a parent medical permission form.   This is for a temporary condition ONLY.  This form can only be used for five days.  The medication must be in the original packaging, labeled with your student's name on it. 

 If your child gets hurt at school we may not call you if it is just a bump or a scrape.  We will call you if it seems like a more serious injury. 

If your child gets sick at school we will call you if we feel you need to come and pick them up.  We may try to convince your child to try and "stick it out"  if we feel they have a case of "Schoolitis".  

Please do not send your child to school with a fever or if they have thrown up in the last 24 hours.