District Strategic Plan

District Strategic Plan-Vision 2020

Goal 1-Technology

Develop a plan to maintain up to date technology and on-going staff development to enhance instruction, operations, and communication.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Use technology to enhance instruction.
  • Use technology to link students to worldwide experiences.
  • Use technology to increase student engagement in the learning process.
  • Provide professional development for staff to continue best practice.
  • Use technology to increase operational fluidity.
  • Use technology to create an eco-friendly school district.
  • Use up to date software to run a safe, effective, efficient learning community.
  • Use technology to enhance interschool and community communication.
  • Use technology to provide access to classroom information for parent and student use.

Goal 2- Instruction

Develop and implement strategies to address ability level, needs and learning styles, achievement, and social responsibilities. (Reading, Writing, Math)

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Address all students’ ability levels, needs and learning styles.
  • Implement teaching strategies to meet all students’ learning needs.
  • Increase and monitor student achievement in reading, writing, and math.
  • Use progress monitoring systems based on best practices.
  • Implement a plan to increase student social responsibility.
  • Use Positive Behavior Intervention Support to create a safe, responsible school community.
  • Offer extracurricular and classroom based community outreach programs.

Goal 3- Facilities

Develop a plan to maintain safe, clean and energy efficient facilities that enhance instruction.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Maintain safe, secure facilities.
  • Utilize a secure entry and exit system.
  • Maintain school grounds including playgrounds and equipment.
  • Repair and maintain facilities up to safety codes.
  • Maintain clean classroom and educational facilities.
  • Provide appropriate cleaning of all floors and surfaces.
  • Maintain energy-safe facilities.
  • Use technology to monitor and maintain temperatures that are comfortable and conducive to a learning environment.
  • Continue to pursue cost cutting energy grants.

Goal 4- Stakeholder Relationship

Develop a plan to increase communication and collaboration with community groups, businesses, organizations, families and neighborhoods to enhance learning environment.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Increase communication with all stakeholders to enhance learning.
  • Utilize mass email systems for community outreach.
  • Utilize email for parent communication.
  • Create a partnership with local businesses.
  • Maintain its working relationship with the City of Clawson.
  • Develop a plan to showcase the resources available to stakeholders.

Goal 5- Marketing

Develop a plan that promotes our districts strengths, innovations and uniqueness in order to attract and nurture students Pre K- 12.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Develop a plan that attracts students Pre K-12.
  • Create a video to promote the school and community.
  • Continue to use available resources (Internet, newspaper, television and radio) to promote school district.
  • Nurture the educational and emotional growth of our students.
  • Highlight the programs that nurture students Pre K-12.

Goal 6-Finance

Develop a plan that focuses on maintaining our districts’ current programs and creating financing to expand and create future state of the art opportunities.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Continue to maintain a balanced budget that allows for educational growth.
  • Partner with community stakeholders to expand resources.
  • Pursue grants for education.
  • Maintain a budget to create financing for expanding and creating future state of the art educational opportunities.
  • Be innovative in searching for and creating funding opportunities.

Goal 7-Cultural, social, emotional and physical safety

We will develop a plan that utilizes best practices in order to produce a learning environment that promotes the individual growth of our students.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Create a diverse learning culture.
  • Create programs to promote acceptance of diverse cultures and social differences.
  • Provide character building opportunities to increase student awareness and acceptance of a broad range of cultural differences.
  • Ensure the physical and emotional safety of our students and staff.
  • Use Positive Behavior Intervention Support to create an anti-bullying program.
  • Provide training and create protocol for crisis situations.
  • Provide and monitor a twenty-four hour attendance phone line.

Goal 8- Curriculum

Develop a plan to maintain a relevant, rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that ensures that all students have opportunities to exceed all standards set forth by local, state and national boards thus putting them on a par with the global community.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Develop a curriculum implementation plan which aligns with Early Childhood Standards of Learning and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
  • Organize professional development to progressively implement the curriculum maps and pacing guides.
  • Align assessments horizontally and vertically through professional development activities.
  • Update report cards to be reflective of assessments and the curriculum.
  • Organize professional development for all staff in order to ensure understanding of assessments and curriculum.