Superintendent's Message

Welcome to Clawson Public Schools!


At Clawson Public Schools we are focused on creating leaders for today and tomorrow. We offer small class sizes to ensure teachers have the opportunity to not only educate our students, but also focus on student strengths so that every student can succeed.

Our Clawson elementary schools have a rigorous curriculum that centers on social emotional learning, collaborative communities, positive relationships and meeting the needs of all students. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and utilize those interests in engaged learning. They experience interactive multi-grade lessons along with numerous elective opportunities. Clawson Public Schools also features Developmental Kindergarten. Both Kenwood Elementary and Schalm Elementary are great choices for your family.

To be a Clawson Middle School Mustang is to have access to a variety of advanced learning opportunities.  A caring staff offers exceptional teaching and the school provides many extracurricular opportunities including various clubs and programs.  There is also the ability to take high school classes as a middle school student, which provides students with advanced learning challenges. We have numerous athletic teams, and playing middle school sports prepares students for the intense competition of high school athletics.  

To be a Clawson High School Trojan is to learn to be a leader and valuable contributor to a positive school culture. Clawson High School has a partnership with Oakland Community College and many students take advantage of earning college credit in a variety of ways. Students also have the ability to attend OTECH or CASA. Students gain lifelong skills through hard work and determination in our athletic programs - both on the field and on the court. We feature a wide variety of classes from Calculus to TV Broadcasting.  There are many leadership opportunities such as our Trojan Leadership Council and Trojan Helping Hands which help make our students excellent contributors to society.

Our Early Childhood Center at Baker offers a free 4-year old GRSP program, a 4 year-old preschool co-op program, a 3-year old parent-tot program, and play-based learning. Our young children experience fun and excitement with passionate early childhood teachers on a daily basis.

Preparing learners to succeed today and every day is at the heart of what we do. We hope you make Clawson Public Schools your choice.

For more information about enrollment opportunities and making Clawson your choice, please visit or call us at 248.655.4417.


Mr. Tim Wilson