About Us

Clawson Public Schools serve more than 1,700 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12 on five campuses: Baker Center, Paul A. Schalm Elementary School, Kenwood Elementary School, Clawson Middle School, and Clawson High School. As one of Oakland County's smallest districts, Clawson is a caring community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence where every person is valued and learning is celebrated.  Through innovative programs and state-aligned curricula, Clawson Public Schools provides an exceptional college preparatory experience for our students.

Our Mission

Preparing learners to succeed today and every day is at the heart of what we do. WE are Clawson Public Schools.


Our Vision

Clawson High School

We embrace the fact that we are a small school that prides itself on knowing our students and their individuality but doesn’t lose sight of the larger purpose: to create brave, self-sufficient students with curious minds. Graduating students from Clawson High School will be prepared to face the future as enlightened, resilient, contributing members of their community.

Clawson Middle School

Clawson Middle School offers an engaging and inclusive learning environment where students are supported by a collaborative staff, driven to work with all stakeholders for the betterment of each child.

Clawson Elementary Schools

We will inspire and empower students to grow, learn, lead, and achieve in the global community.

Strategic Plan

District Strategic Plan-Vision 2020


Goal 1-Technology

Develop a plan to maintain up to date technology and on-going staff development to enhance instruction, operations, and communication.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Use technology to enhance instruction.
  • Use technology to link students to worldwide experiences.
  • Use technology to increase student engagement in the learning process.
  • Provide professional development for staff to continue best practice.
  • Use technology to increase operational fluidity.
  • Use technology to create an eco-friendly school district.
  • Use up to date software to run a safe, effective, efficient learning community.
  • Use technology to enhance interschool and community communication.
  • Use technology to provide access to classroom information for parent and student use.

Goal 2- Instruction

Develop and implement strategies to address ability level, needs and learning styles, achievement, and social responsibilities. (Reading, Writing, Math)

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Address all students’ ability levels, needs and learning styles.
  • Implement teaching strategies to meet all students’ learning needs.
  • Increase and monitor student achievement in reading, writing, and math.
  • Use progress monitoring systems based on best practices.
  • Implement a plan to increase student social responsibility.
  • Use Positive Behavior Intervention Support to create a safe, responsible school community.
  • Offer extracurricular and classroom based community outreach programs.

Goal 3- Facilities

Develop a plan to maintain safe, clean and energy efficient facilities that enhance instruction.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Maintain safe, secure facilities.
  • Utilize a secure entry and exit system.
  • Maintain school grounds including playgrounds and equipment.
  • Repair and maintain facilities up to safety codes.
  • Maintain clean classroom and educational facilities.
  • Provide appropriate cleaning of all floors and surfaces.
  • Maintain energy-safe facilities.
  • Use technology to monitor and maintain temperatures that are comfortable and conducive to a learning environment.
  • Continue to pursue cost cutting energy grants.

Goal 4- Stakeholder Relationship

Develop a plan to increase communication and collaboration with community groups, businesses, organizations, families and neighborhoods to enhance learning environment.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Increase communication with all stakeholders to enhance learning.
  • Utilize mass email systems for community outreach.
  • Utilize email for parent communication.
  • Create a partnership with local businesses.
  • Maintain its working relationship with the City of Clawson.
  • Develop a plan to showcase the resources available to stakeholders.

Goal 5- Marketing

Develop a plan that promotes our districts strengths, innovations and uniqueness in order to attract and nurture students Pre K- 12.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Develop a plan that attracts students Pre K-12.
  • Create a video to promote the school and community.
  • Continue to use available resources (Internet, newspaper, television and radio) to promote school district.
  • Nurture the educational and emotional growth of our students.
  • Highlight the programs that nurture students Pre K-12.

Goal 6-Finance

Develop a plan that focuses on maintaining our districts’ current programs and creating financing to expand and create future state of the art opportunities.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Continue to maintain a balanced budget that allows for educational growth.
  • Partner with community stakeholders to expand resources.
  • Pursue grants for education.
  • Maintain a budget to create financing for expanding and creating future state of the art educational opportunities.
  • Be innovative in searching for and creating funding opportunities.

Goal 7-Cultural, social, emotional and physical safety

We will develop a plan that utilizes best practices in order to produce a learning environment that promotes the individual growth of our students.

Clawson Public Schools will:

Create a diverse learning culture.

Create programs to promote acceptance of diverse cultures and social differences.

Provide character building opportunities to increase student awareness and acceptance of a broad range of cultural differences.

Ensure the physical and emotional safety of our students and staff.

Use Positive Behavior Intervention Support to create an anti-bullying program.

Provide training and create protocol for crisis situations.

Provide and monitor a twenty-four hour attendance phone line.

Goal 8- Curriculum

Develop a plan to maintain a relevant, rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that ensures that all students have opportunities to exceed all standards set forth by local, state and national boards thus putting them on a par with the global community.

Clawson Public Schools will:

  • Develop a curriculum implementation plan which aligns with Early Childhood Standards of Learning and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).
  • Organize professional development to progressively implement the curriculum maps and pacing guides.
  • Align assessments horizontally and vertically through professional development activities.
  • Update report cards to be reflective of assessments and the curriculum.
  • Organize professional development for all staff in order to ensure understanding of assessments and curriculum.

Contact Us

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