Our Daycare (Baker) Program is Closed on November 21 for staff training. All Programs are closed November 22 & 23.

Welcome to the Clawson Childcare Center!


Where hands on learning begins

Childcare Contact Information

To enroll or for general questions please call (248) 655-4421or email Renay.Swords@clawsonschools.org

To reach Before and After Care Staff (not during school hours):
Schalm: (248) 655-4955
Kenwood (248) 655-3816

To reach daycare classrooms at Baker please call:
248-404-2606 Upper Pre-K with Mrs. Katie
248-404-2607 Lower Pre-K with Mrs. Mary
248-655-4439 Twos Room with Mrs. Cortney
248-404-2608 Ones Room with Miss Jessica
248-404-2605 Infant Room with Mrs. Kristen


Childcare Employee Standards

  • All employees are certified in infant and adult CPR and first aid yearly.
  • All employees are required to take Safe Sleep, Blood Borne Pathogens and Child Neglect auto-tutorials.
  • All employees are required to take 15 credits of childcare related training classes yearly.
  • Background checks through the Michigan State Police and LiveScan Fingerprints are performed prior to hiring all employees.


All Clawson Childcare Forms


Childcare (Baker):

For childcare registration paperwork, please call for 248-655-4421 for availability and to set up an appointment for a tour. 

PDF DocumentClawson Childcare Parent/Student Handbook APPLICABLE CENTER WIDE Infant through Summer Camp

PDF DocumentPayment Calendar for 2019 (Baker)

Before and After School Care (Schalm and Kenwood Elementary Schools):

PDF DocumentBefore and After School Care 2018-2019 Registration Packet

PDF DocumentPayment Calendar for 2018-19 (Latchkey)


Summer Camp @ Kenwood 2018:

** Some pages of the registration packet look slightly different from last year, so please be mindful as you fill out this year's packet.**

PDF Document2018 Summer Camp Registration Packet


Other Forms:

PDF DocumentHealth Appraisal 

PDF DocumentPaySchools Information

PDF DocumentDHS Paperwork

PDF DocumentMedication-Permission Form

PDF DocumentWebsite/Photo Release

Childcare Illness and Health Care Plan

Illness and Health Care Plan

It is required that a child be kept home or will be sent home from childcare if he/she has:

  • A fever (must be fever-free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication)
  •  An infectious runny nose (green)
  •  A severe cough
  •  Been vomiting within the last 24 hours
  •  Been on antibiotics less than 24 hours  
  • 3 or more episodes of diarrhea in a 24 hour period
  • Suspicion of a communicable disease or contagious rash

If a child becomes ill while at the center, parents will be contacted to pick up the child. In the event the center is unable to contact anyone, the child will be separated from the program (as not to expose the other children), and made as comfortable as possible until a parent or designated person arrives. No medication will be administered without written parent permission. It is imperative that you not send your child when he/she is ill or has a possibly contagious disease. In the event of a contagious ailment, please report it to the center in order that we may inform other parents as well as the health department. If staff suspects a communicable disease or contagious rash, parents will be notified and a doctors note will be required to return to childcare.

We follow the Oakland County Health Departments recommendations for excluding children from care when a contagious disease is present. The link for the reference chart is available below as well as on the main childcare page.

All children and staff are to wash hands before handling food, after use of restroom, and regularly during the day. Hand washing signs are posted on either the sink mirror or paper towel dispenser and at elementary schools.

Staff must wear gloves at all times when handling children’s bodily fluids. Hands will be washed immediately after handling fluids. Soiled clothing is removed from child and placed in a plastic bag to be sent home.

All table surfaces are cleaned and sanitized between each activity. Toys are sanitized once a week, daily in Infant and Toddler rooms, with a mixture of bleach and water. Custodians clean rooms in the evening including sinks and bathrooms.

Children exhibiting signs of infection are separated from other children and sent home immediately. All surfaces and toys are disinfected. Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of illness so procedures are gone over with children to ensure proper technique. Parents are made aware of when their child may be excluded from child care. Communicable disease charts (follow link below) are posted for staff to be aware of symptoms.


Clawson Childcare Center Closing Policy

In the event that Clawson Public Schools must close due to weather, the Clawson Childcare Center must close as well.

There would not be enough staff available during the day to care for school age children at Kenwood and Schalm.

In addition custodial staff must be present in the building when we are open. In the case of a school closing the custodial staff are not present.

You will not be charged for a school closing day. Your account will be credited for the days we must close.  

We apologize for any inconvenience this policy may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding!

Before and After School Care Information

Before and After School Care
Hours of Operation: 6:30 am-8:10 am and 3:10 pm-6:00 pm
Half Days: 11:25 am - 6:00 pm
No School Days and Vacation Weeks: 6:30 am - 6:00 pm
Most half days, the Schalm kids will be bused to Kenwood. This occurs because most of our staff work in the district at different grade levels and in order to accommodate the number of children we expect for half days, childcare must be together in one building. You will get notice prior to bussing to another building.

When the district has a scheduled 'No-School Day' or a break such as mid-winter break, the childcare programs at the elementary schools will also combine at one building.  More than likely, Kenwood is our building of choice, however, we will post a notice indicating exactly where we will be. If you are uncertain, ask the staff, confirm with our calendar at the top right of the website page or call Renay at 248-655-4421.

Contact Information
Kenwood Multi-Purpose Room (248) 655-3816     Site Supervisor is Ms. Stacy Ish
Schalm Multi-Purpose Room (248) 655-4955         AM Site Supervisor is Miss Jen Makowski 
                                                                                       PM Site Supervisor is Cheryl Hacker 

These numbers are only answered during before and after school hours. If you need to speak to the director, Renay Swords, during school hours please call (248) 655-4421.

How do I register?
You can obtain paperwork from the link on the website or by contacting the main child care office at (248) 655-4421. Once all paperwork has been completed, it is to be returned to the childcare office with the registration fee and one week deposit. Children are not considered registered until all paperwork is completed and fees are received.

PDF DocumentBefore and After School 2018-19 Registration Packet

PDF DocumentPayment Schedule 2018-19

Infant Room

Welcome to the Infant Room! In this area you can find general information about our room and important documents for enrolling. Please contact us if you have any questions!

     Phone number (248) 404-2605
     Director's office (248) 655-4421

     Please feel free to email me any time with all questions and concerns at kristen.cardimen@clawsonschools.org and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

PDF DocumentWelcome Letter


PDF DocumentHealth Appraisal
PDF DocumentInfant Room Handbook
PDF DocumentMedication Permission Form
PDF DocumentOintment Permission Form
PDF DocumentSurvey
PDF DocumentWebsite Permission Form













  • 6:30a-9:00 – Drop off and breakfast time along with free play/exploration.
  • 9:00-11:00 – Quiet time for naps. Structured play, story time and fulfilling goals will take place for babies who are awake.
  • 11:00-1:00p – Lunch time along with free play/exploration.
  • 1:00-3:00 - Quiet time for naps. Structured play, story time and fulfilling goals will take place for babies who are awake.
  • 2:00-3:00 – Walk. Weather permitting along with the age and health of each infant.
  • 3:00-6:00p – Snack time along with free play/exploration and pick up.

* All times are approximate and very broad due to the vast difference in each infant’s schedule. The times are based off of a typical day in the infant room.
*Loving and meeting the needs of each infant is our number one goal, following a schedule and meeting goals comes second.
*Diapers are changed for each infant every two hours and at every bowel movement.

Check out what we are doing in the classroom:

PDF DocumentSample Lesson Plan


Meet the Staff

Mrs. Kristen - Lead Teacher
kristenMiss Kristen has worked with us March 2015.  She came to us from Illinois where she recieved her bachelors' degree in elementary education. She moved to Michigan to live with her husband, whom she married in January of 2015.  Miss Kristen loves to visit her cottage and ride her motorcycle! Miss Kristen happily accepted the lead caregiver position in November 2015 as we said goodbye to Miss Lyssa who headed out on a new adventure.


Mrs. Rosemary Reinke – Assistant Teacher
Rose 106.15Mrs. Rose has worked in Clawson Childcare’s infant room since it opened in spring of 2008. She is the mother of the center’s director, Renay Swords. Rose works here in the infant room and in the toddler room. Her experience with infants comes from raising her daughter and taking care of her two Grandsons and granddaughter. Rose brings a warm, nurturing feeling to our infant room. She is from Warren where she resides with her husband.



Miss Megan - Assistant Teacher
MeganMiss Megan joined our team in April of 2016.  She is a Clawson resident and graduate.  She enjoys hanging out with her daughter, Ava.  Her experience comes with the natural territory of being a mother and caregiver for her niece, who is now in elementary school.  Getting creative with the kids, whether she is getting all painted up during art time or other crafts, are passions of hers.  She loves being outdoors and visiting local parks.






Miss Paige-Assistant Teacher
Miss Paige is a Clawson Alumni.  She started her journey with CCC at our summer camp program as an assistant teacher and she worked with our school age children. Miss Paige then became part of our Baker team as a floater and now is housed in our infant room. She enjoys outdoor activities with her boyfriend and is a dog lover! 






Miss Sara- Assistant Teacher (Floater to all rooms)
Mrs. Sara has worked at Clawson Childcare since the fall/winter of 2013.  She has worked with all the ages our center cares for including our summer camp program.  She recently graduated Oakland Community College within the ultrasound technician certificate. Her favorite food is pizza and she loves the bad acting Lifetime movies provide! She is a newly wed as of September 2017 and is loving married life.




Our Wish List

Our center provides many of the supplies needed for every room but the supply is not unlimited. We are always in need of extra:

  • batteries
  • paper towel
  • disinfectant wipes/spray
  • hand soap/sanitizer
  • tissue

*Any donations are greatly appreciated!

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External LinkJust Mommies
External LinkMetro Parent
External LinkToy Recalls
External LinkYour Child's Health
External LinkZero to Three

One's Room


The best way to reach the ones room is by calling the room 248-404-2608,  or by email, jessica.levasseur@clawsonschools.org

External LinkToddlertoddler.com

Check out what we've got planned for:

PDF DocumentLesson Plans for March 28

PDF DocumentMarch 11 Newsletter


Miss Jessica - Lead Teacher
jess and wessMiss Jessica has been working with children since 2012. She began her journey as support staff with each of our age groups. She became a certified infant and toddler teacher and is currently our lead teacher in the Ones room.  In her spare time, she enjoys being a momma to Weston, who attends CCC too!




Miss Cheryl-Assistant Teacher
Miss Cheryl started working at Clawson Childcare in December 2015. She has an associates degree in early childhood education she acquired in May 2017. She is currently working towards finishing her bachelor’s degree in early childhood fro Rochester College. Her daughter is a CCC friend, she is currently in UPK. Ms. Cheryl enjoys going on new and different adventures with her daughter and fiancé!




Miss Angela-Assistant Teacher
Ms. Angela came to us in August 2017. She was working in an in-home daycare for the past 13 years. Ms. Angela has experience working with children from 6 weeks old to 12 years old. She loves to go rustic camping and four wheeling, with her brothers and their families.






Mrs Sara-Assistant Teacher (Floater to all rooms)
Mrs. Sara has worked at Clawson Childcare since the fall/winter of 2013.  She has worked with all the ages our center cares for including our summer camp program.  She is currently pursuing a degree in early childhood. Her favorite food is pizza and she loves the bad acting Lifetime movies provide! She is a newly wed as of September 2017 and is loving married life.




Miss Jen-Assistant Teacher (Floater to all rooms)
Miss Jen has worked at CCC for 6 years. She a seasoned childcare provider and completed her bachelor’s in general education: children and families in May of 2015. She is currently working on her master’s degree in social work at Wayne State expected to graduate in May 2019. She leads a group at summer camp, leads morning care at Schalm Elementary School and floats to classrooms as needed. She currently is placed in our One’s and Two’s rooms. 






Miss Carly-Assistant Teacher (Floater)

Miss Carly is a Clawson Alumni. She has been with CCC since summer 2017. She is currently taking some college courses. She loves Starbucks, vacations and summer time!











Two's Room

Twos Pics 8



Mrs Cortney - Lead Teacher cortney.papenberg@clawsonschools.org

Phone 248-655-4439

Discover our daily schedule and lesson plans below:

PDF DocumentDaily Schedule

PDF DocumentSample Lesson Plan

PDF DocumentSample Newsletter

Mrs Cortney - Lead Teacher
Mrs Cortney has worked with our center since March 2015.  She came to us after student teaching at Schalm and graduating from Baker College with her bachelor's degree in elementary education. She has been the lead in our twos room 3 years. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling up north with her husband, being a mom to her Boston terrier and spending time with family and friends.












Miss Julie - Assistant Teacher
Miss Julie has been working with children since 1975.  She started out babysitting, nannying and at in-home daycares.  She moved on to daycare centers and eventually ended up with us here in Clawson.  She's been caring for our kiddos for 10 years. She has 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren.  She has enjoyed being a mother, grandmother, and caregiver for as long as she can remember.  Her passion is to help precious young minds grown and learn while in a nurturing, safe environment.  She has worked in all of our rooms and has been with our twos room for a couple years now.  Miss Julie grew up in Royal Oak and now lives in Warren with her husband, George.  


Miss Jen-Assistant Teacher 
Miss Jen has worked at CCC for 7years. She's a seasoned childcare provider and completed her bachelor’s in general education: children and families in May of 2015. She is currently working on her master’s degree in social work at Wayne State expected to graduate in May 2019. She leads a group at summer camp and also leads morning care at Schalm Elementary School.









Lower Pre-K

Welcome to Lower Pre-K!

Mrs. Mary is our Lead Teacher and Caregiver   mary.thompson@clawsonschool.org

(248) 404-2607 - Direct Phone Line


Miss Mary - Lead Teacher

For the seven years I have worked at Clawson Childcare, I have been a lead caregiver for young toddlers. After completing my early childhood degree last year, I am pleased to have the opportunity to teach in the three’s room. I feel that young children learn the best through play and exploration, along with planned, meaningful experiences. Our room is filled with materials to foster this learning. I absolutely love working with young children, and I look forward to seeing you all!






Miss Jeni - Assistant Teacher
jeniJeni has been working with children for almost eighteen years and has been Mrs. Mary’s assistant for seven years. She is so excited for this new opportunity to work with the 3yr olds and dive into new adventures that are ahead of them!  Miss Jeni enjoys being crafty and exploring new art projects with the children.



Miss Caroline-Assistant Teacher

Miss Caroline has been with CCC for since summer 2015. She is a lunch/recess helper at Schalm Elementary and a crossing guard before and after school. She helps in LPK in the evenings as the day winds down. She also helps during the summer months with field trips and childcare at Baker and summer camp too.


PDF DocumentDaily Schedule 

PDF DocumentWelcome Packet 2016-2017





Upper Pre-K

Welcome to the Upper Pre-K Room!

We love to learn, laugh, and play!

Katie Nagrant - Lead Teacher katie.graham@clawsonschools.org

Direct Phone Number: 248-404-2606

PDF DocumentDaily Schedule Fall 2015

PDF DocumentWeek of May 2 Lesson Plans

PDF DocumentApril 29 Newsletter

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Meet the Staff!

Mrs. Katie Nagrant - Lead Teacher
website katie1 Mrs. Katie has been with us for 4 years. She has a bachelors degree in child development from Central Michigan University. She started as our lead infant teacher and for the past two years she led our Lower Pre-K group.  She is excited to start a new adventure in Upper Pre-K with Mrs. Janet.  In her spare time, Katie loves to be outdoors hiking, biking and kayaking.  She is happily married and lives in our community of Clawson with her dog!



Miss Emily - Assistant Teacher
EmilyMiss Emily has been with us since late 2015.  She is a Clawson High alumni and played soccer and softball.  She currently is attending Oakland University to attain her bachelors degree in early childhood education.  She aspires to work with young children in a school setting.  She enjoys going up north and playing sports in her free time along with hanging out with friends.  We are excited she has joined our team and she is an awesome addition to all of our classrooms!




Mrs. Giget - Assistant Teacher
GigetMrs. Giget has worked with Clawson Child Care in the past, for a total of 2 years as of April 2016 and counting.  Her family is a part of our Clawson community as her two school-age children attend Schalm Elementary. She is a mother of 3 and is involved with her childrens' soccer and hockey adventures. She  loves doing crafts too! Mrs. Giget has worked in the elementary with the ASD program and as a lunch aide.   






Mrs Sara-Assistant Teacher (Floater to all rooms)
Mrs. Sara has worked at Clawson Childcare since the fall/winter of 2013.  She has worked with all the ages our center cares for including our summer camp program.  She recently graduated Oakland Community College within the ultrasound technician certificate. Her favorite food is pizza and she loves the bad acting Lifetime movies provide! She is a newly wed as of September 2017 and is loving married life.









Daily Schedule

6:30-8:45         Arrival, Free Choice
8:45-9:00        Clean-up, Greeting Time
9:00-9:40        Gym or Outside Time (9:00-9:20 on Tuesday and Thursday)
9:40-10:00      Large Group Time (Music and Movement and Circle Time)
10:00-10:45    Work Time (Developmentally Appropriate Center Time)
10:45-11:10     Clean-up and Recall Time
11:10-11:30    Story Time, get ready for lunch
11:30-12:15    Lunch
12:15-2:30       Rest, Gym or Outside Time
2:30-3:00         Wash hands for Snack and Snack time
3:00-4:00         Free Choice Developmental Centers in the classroom
4:00-4:30        Gym or Outside  (4:30-5:00 on Tuesday and Thursday)
4:30-6:00         Free Choice, Departure

**This schedule may change to meet the needs of the children, due to weather conditions or special occasions**

Donations would be greatly appreciated.  Items we need:

  • Tissues
  • Disinfectant Spray/Wipes
  • Magic Erasers
  • Coloring Books
  • Paper Plates
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Zip Lock Bags (gallon size)
  • Shaving Cream
  • Small Toys for the treasure box
  • Old magazines for cutting and other projects 
  • Popcorn (for special movie days)

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Summer Camp

Welcome to SUMMER CAMP!

We will be at Kenwood Elementary School (240 Nahma Ave, Clawson, MI 48017) for summer 2018.  The paperwork for registration for summer is located below!! The fun never stops at Clawson Childcare Summer Camp!

Summer whole group 2015

PDF Document2018 Summer Camp Registration Packet

** Some pages of the registraton packet look slightly different from last year, so please be mindful as you fill out this year's packet.**


Summer Camp Staff:


 Miss Cheryl (DK & Kdg)

 Miss Sam (1st grade)

 Melissa1 Mrs. Melissa (2nd grade)

Jen  Miss Jen (3rd grade)


  Ms. Ish (4th-5th-6th)

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